Why an Accredited School?

Complaint Process

The Commission accepts and reviews complaints about ACAOM-accredited, candidate, or approved programs from students, faculty, staff, other institutions or programs and member(s) of the public that allege violations of ACAOM Eligibility Requirements, standards, policies or procedures.

ACAOM’s complaint policy is not a mechanism for adjudication of disputes between individuals and programs. As such, the Commission will only consider complaints that allege violations of ACAOM Eligibility Requirements, standards, policies or procedures.  The Commission cannot, for instance, direct a program to change a grade, re-admit a student, or reinstate a faculty member. The Commis-sion shall only entertain a complaint when it believes that the institution’s policies, procedures or practices indicate that the institution may be in noncompliance with ACAOM Eligibility Requirements, standards, policies or procedures.

The Commission normally requires that the complainant exhaust institutional grievance and review mechanisms available to the complainant within the institution prior to submitting a complaint to the Commission. To be processed, a complaint must be submitted on an official ACAOM Complaint Form (available on the ACAOM web site or by request from the Executive Office) that provides the following information:

1. The identity, authorized signature (on paper or electronic), and complete contact information of the individual, group or legal entity making the com-plaint (complainant);

2. Evidence that the complainant has exhausted all internal institutional grievance and review mechanisms that were available to the complainant.  For example, a student who is enrolled in a program, would need to show s/he exhausted all grievance procedures at his/her school without a satisfactory conclusion, before initiating a complaint with ACAOM.

3. Evidence supporting the allegation that the subject institution/program may have violated one or more of ACAOM's Eligibility Requirements, Standards, policies or procedures; and,

4. A description of the status of legal action, if any, related to the complaint;

Complaints must be submitted to the ACAOM office on the ACAOM complaint form. Complaints must describe clearly the specific nature of the complaint, provide supporting documents where available, and identify the name(s) and relationship(s) to the education program of the individual(s) submitting the complaint.

For the complete description, refer to the Policies and Procedures Manual.

Click here to download the Complaint Form (Save the form to your computer, and submit it as an email attachment to info@acaom.org, or print the completed for and mail it to the ACAOM office. It is NOT saved on-line.)